The Recalibration Series

( 2/24/21  -  3/14/21)



As I approached my one year anniversary of beginning to paint, I knew that I needed to hone in on a new style that I really believed in. 

The Recalibration Series is a body of work inspired by a need to emerge from isolation with vibrance and energy.


For each painting in this series, I layered a variety of white paints to form the complex gestural textured backgrounds. Amidst the isolated background, I created an explosion of vibrant color and energetic forms all created in a state of stream of consciousness.



At the end of February 2021, I felt a surge of inspiration moving me towards a new concept. I knew that in order to fully explore this new style, I needed to remove as much distraction as possible. I decided to go into isolation for three weeks, honing in on a new technique and style that all at once combined graffiti, cubism, impressionism, and surrealism.

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