Spectators II

( 3/12/21  -  3/19/21)



One year ago I released a series called 'Spectators.' The artwork told a story of the subjective experience that we face when navigating this deterministic world.

One year later I am tapping back into this concept.


For each painting in this series, I created an energetic and explosive colorful background in a very expressionistic manner. Then, taking visual cues from the background, I dove deeper into story telling using forms. The contrast between the foreground and the background tells a story in itself.



What are we but mere spectators, observing an uncaring and immutable orchestra that we call the Universe.

With this Series, I wanted to create the feeling that you were in a room full of people.


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South End Chillin

24 x 30in 

The Watcher (On Wall).JPG

The Watcher

24 x 30in 

Up Close (On Wall).JPG

Up Close

45.5 x 65.5in

Charge Forward (On Wall).JPG

Charge Forward

24 x 48in 

The Storm (Mockup).JPG

The Storm

48 x 48in 

Enter the Void (On Wall).JPG

Enter the Void

40 x 30in 

Graffiti Alley (On Wall).JPG

Graffiti Alley

30 x 40in 

The Family (On Wall).JPG

The Family

63 x 39in 

Spectators (On Wall).JPG


72 x 117in 

Distant Future (Mockup).JPG

Distant Future


18 x 24in 

Locked In (On Wall).JPG

30 x 40in 


74 x 46in 

Condo Views (On Wall).JPG


Condo Views

30 x 40in 

Dark & Stormy (On Wall).JPG

Dark & Stormy

60 x 72in 

Human (Mockup).JPG




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