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Unseen Light

( January - February 2022)

A collection of work created during a month-long painting trip in Florida with partner Katie Southworth. This body of work seeks to provide a commentary on the unseen aspects of reality.

The Simulation Series

(December 2021)

Characters from the distant future brought to life through 13 artworks created over the course of a week-long painting marathon in Los Angeles.

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Momenta (Branding).JPG


The Graduation Series

( Summer 2021)

Merging everything I learned over the course of my painting experience to dive deeper into this aesthetic.

The Disrupted Series

( 5/4/21  -  5/13/21)

Pulling color theory concepts from the Glitch Series, these paintings on canvas explore the outer realms of portraiture told through a street art inspired aesthetic.


The Disrupted Series
The Glitch Series

The Glitch Series

( 4/17/21  -  4/24/21)

A collection of paintings combining vibrant colors, graffiti, and cubism to tell the story of the glitches that live in our technology.


( 4/8/21  -  4/9/21)

A collection of 18 artworks acquired by the Cambridge restaurant @littledonkeyboston .

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Spectators II (Full Series)

Spectators II

( 3/14/21  -  3/19/21)

Artwork exploring the subjective experience that we face when navigating this deterministic world.


( 2/24/21  -  3/14/21)

The Recalibration Series is a body of work inspired by a need to emerge from isolation with vibrance and energy.

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The Brave New World Series

Brave New World

( 11/6/20  -  11/14/20)

This series pulls together portraiture, expressionism, and graffiti aesthetics to tell new stories about the future.