American Futurism: Press Release & Artist Statement

Virtual Solo Exhibition


Roboticist and Artist Joe Taveras presents paintings inspired by 2020, technology, and predictions of the future

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Boston, MA: On January 1st 2021, the Robotics Distributor and Mixed Media Artist Joe Taveras will present ‘American Futurism’ an exhibition of new mixed media paintings. Created throughout the tumultuous year 2020, these works seek to tell a story of a positive tomorrow by shedding light on problematic instances of technology in the present day. Joe Taveras  started painting in March 2020, but since then has created hundreds of works ranging from small 5x5in drawings to massive 9x11ft paintings in his studio located in the SoWa Arts & Design District of Boston. The pandemic has inspired  Joe to take his artistic practice to a new level, by rendering his deconstructed characters in the mathematical web that artists of the past have sought to portray in movements like Cubism and Italian Futurism. 


In his new body of work, the fragmented figures both personify the overwhelming uncertainty that echoes across the globe, as well as showcase the consequences of rapid innovation without proper ethical guard rails. Inspired by daily observations as a roboticist in tandem with  his predictions about  the future, Joe’s paintings merge graffiti and cubism aesthetics to tell a beneficial, yet all at once cautionary tale of the days to come. Prior to 2020, Joe had spent all of 2019 traveling the globe giving presentations on the future of robotics and technology. This new body of work which forms ‘American Futurism’ continues to provide a powerful commentary on the future we are collectively building every day.

Artist Statement

Joe Taveras on ‘American Futurism’

In the present day, we find ourselves at the end of the unprecedented turbulence that is the year 2020. A global pandemic has forced humanity to innovate faster than ever before, which  simultaneously exposed  systemic shortcomings to the world stage. Many of these shortcomings are the consequences of innovations produced with the rashness, speed, and audacity that Marinetti called for in his Manifesto of Futurism. I believe in a positive and beneficial future for all. To lead us towards that future, I call for a revival of many ideals within Futurism, with an increased level of patience, responsibility, and intentionality. American Futurism seeks to tell a story of a positive tomorrow by shedding  light on problematic instances of technology in the present day.


These paintings depict my subconscious feelings surrounding many technologies that have been prevalent in society as well as technologies that I foresee arising in the decades to come. I believe I have been able to tap into that due to the isolation that occured  from the pandemic, which provided a strong contrast of behaviors and I was able to better understand the impact that the technologies we use on a daily basis have on our psyches.


I am a completely self taught artist and though my journey began in March my creative output since then has been incessant. I would say I paint for anywhere between 5-18 hours a day. . I am inspired by everything I come into contact with as well as the predictions of future technologies that arise within my mind. Over this  year my style has evolved week to week, which I have been documenting on my website. Inspired by Cubism, Italian Futurism, and more contemporary works of art by Jean-Michel Basquiat and George Condo, I aim to capture a futuristic graffiti aesthetic in my paintings that comprise ‘American Futurism’


The dark outlines within my paintings not only serve as a strong point of contrast between the forms, but also offer depth to the paintings in hopes that the viewer can be pulled inward and outward, from left to right, and up to down while experiencing each painting. The darkness of the black outlines serve as a healthy juxtaposition to the brighter subject matter, so as to allude to the potential darkness that can occur from a brash decision-making when building new technologies. Furthermore, I try to capture the feeling of brushed metal in my layering of color and details to assist with the visual storytelling. I very rarely have a plan when I approach a blank canvas. Instead, I let my automatic and intuitive mind take over and allow the story to unfold over time. My process is very fast and intense and very rarely will my paintings take more than one day. 


As the year 2020 comes to an end, we find ourselves at a very important moment in history where we must come to terms with and acknowledge the shortcomings of the technologies and social systems we have constructed. Only through objective acknowledgement and analysis can we move forward into the future creating technologies and systems in a more responsible, equitable, and sustainable manner. 

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