Joe Taveras

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Boston-based Roboticist & Mixed Media Artist merging Art & Technology to tell positive stories of tomorrow. 

The Glitch Series


The Glitch Series

( 4/17/21  -  4/24/21)

A collection of paintings combining vibrant colors, graffiti, and cubism to tell the story of the glitches that live in our technology.

Available Artwork

Explore a wide variety of artworks that explore futuristic concepts of technology, psychology, and more!

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I love building experiences that help to inspire and grow businesses and the surrounding community. 

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SoWa Arts District in Boston, MA

My studio is a space to create art, discuss technology, and innovate.

Currently, my Studio is available to visitors by appointment only. To schedule a time to come visit, email



Joe Taveras is a Boston-based roboticist, designer, and artist who has spent the majority of his career selling robots around the world.

His paintings are in public and private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, the Middle East, Ghana, Vietnam, China, Canada, Boston, Seattle, and more.

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